Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Code Geass R2 Episode 4 - Brotherly Love?

As I expected before, there will be more yaoi undertones in this show. First season we already saw lot of Lelouch x Suzaku thing, now it's time for Lelouch and his "younger brother" Rollo. Like most other yaoi shows, brotherly love is a staple. Again this is my fear about this show for now.

Lelouch engage a gun sex with Rollo. I just don't want imagine what will happen later.

DAMMIT! Curse on you Pizza Hut for polluting this show with your ads.

CC screwing a gun, like the subtitle says. It looks like this "demon" have her major weakness.

What so special about this sign? Actually it want to show us that Japanese people, who made this show can spell "POLICE" right.

Never mess with this transvestite even he looks very funny. Especially his hair, clothings and funny red hair thingie.

Or does it mean your backside "territory" as well? Nice zooming.

Nope, that picture never change. It just your(or Lelouch's) imagination. Even Lelouch do remember Rollo as his brother but he have forgotten how many times they have sex with each other.

Like in previous season, Tamaki still a loser. He run towards Kallen and hope she will hug him but instead she went to Ohgi, who is her ex-leader before Zero(or Lelouch) in charge of their organization. Note Tamaki's facial expression and his arm position.

Sorry Suzaku, the class already ended. This is the firs time in this season Suzaku wear his school uniform again. Again, note his facial expression. He may not the same Suzaku in previous season.

Actually Lelouch already set a trap to kill Rollo by ordering a Britannian soldier to launch a rocket at Rollo's mech. Instead letting the rocket hit its target, Lelouch stop it instead by using his own mech. Luckily the rocket on hit the mech's arm, which virtually saved both Lelouch and Rollo. The most dramatic scene is when Lelouch brainwash Rollo saying that he never belong to Britannia and join Lelouch and his group instead. However Lelouch has a dubious plan on Rollo, he will use Rollo and throw him away someday as revenge for "replacing" Nunnally in his fake memory.

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